Getting started

To start development, you need a Shopify Partner account. Sign up here and create a free account.

Once you’ve got an account set up, hit the Test Shops tab and create a test shop for yourself. Poke around your shop and familiarize yourself with your new store and what it can and can’t do. Use this test shop later to test out your app.

Play around with the API

After you’ve got the hang of the Shopify admin, start playing with the Shopify API is to create a private app for your test shop. Visit this URL and create a private app:

Once you’ve created a private app, test out a few API calls. Try fetching your test shop’s orders by visiting a URL like

An example of what that URL could look like is http://7ea7a2ff231f9f7d4ee696837482e55f:95c5e8091839609c86

This private app is locked to your particular test shop and won’t work for any other by skipping a few authentication steps.

Create an app

Now that you’ve played around with the API, visit your Partner dashboard’s App tab and create an app. Choose OAuth as the Auth Type and set the Application URL to be http://localhost:3000 or whereever you have a web server running that lets you watch its access logs.

Once you’ve got an API key and your app’s shared secret, you’re ready to install your app in your test shop.