Beta test with your merchants and friends

When you like your app is ready and well tested, it’s time to start beta testing.
To make your app available to be tested, create an App Store listing from your partners dashboard. When you’re happy with it, click ‘Publish Beta App’ at the top of the app listing to make it public.
Beta apps only appear in a special category on the app store. You can see it here: Beta Category
We publicize apps in this category through our sales and support channels to merchants who are actively asking for the functionality, but of course merchants are free to visit the app store and discover the apps organically. You can also give out the link to your listing directly.
A couple of words of advice for beta testing:
Be kind to your beta program participants and set your billing charges to be test=true so that they’re not actually charged. If you absolutely can’t afford to offer the app for free during beta, try to offer a discount.
Solicit feedback from testers. Merchants can leave reviews on your app’s listing, but you can be pro-active by contacting them directly and asking for comments and suggestions.
Make sure your app is feature complete. Beta testing should be about finding bugs and taking suggestions for minor changes, not defining the core functionality of your app.
Once you’ve worked out all the showstopper bugs and your beta users are happy with the user experience, get ready to submit your app to the App Store.