Coolence Abandoned Orders Prevention

Coolence Abandoned Orders Prevention
Simple – No complicated plans or campaigns!
Powerful – Instant order recovery notification!
Smart – Real-time order analysis technology!
Up to 75% of all orders in Shopify stores are abandoned. Prevent cart abandonment with Coolence!
Coolence watches for abandoned orders and automatically emails customers. No complicated plans or campaigns. Coolence focuses on recovering abandoned orders in the most effective way possible. Our cart abandonment technology carefully determines which orders are actually abandoned and which are not.
A customer has second thoughts.. Coolence sees the abandoned order.. Coolence to the rescue!.. Customer comes back and completes their purchase!
Simply put – Coolence will save you time and make you money!
Coolence has two simple plans for you to choose from. Our free plan offers unlimited emails for all shops with a 5% fee per order recovered. Our no-fee plan is $10 per month. For more details on our plans please visit the Coolence Pricing page.