You can Submit your app into the App Store

All right! You’ve come a long way and your app is looking hot to trot.
Prepare for publishing your app in the App Store by running through our list of Do’s and Don’ts of publishing your app
Double checking this list will expedite your app’s approval through the publishing process. It really boils down to:
No bugs
Each screen tells an obvious story that relates to how the shop is going to increase sales or reduce costs: “this is what’s happening”; “you need to do this”
Any onboarding/account creation process is as automatic as possible. Use the shop.xml call to grab the information you need
Your app store listing says what the app is and accurately states how much it costs
Again: make sure your app works before submitting it. As soon as the app approval team hits a bug, we have to stop and tell you about it before continuing.
Gear up your marketing/promo engines
Make sure to give a shout to let us know that your app is arriving so we can give a shout out to the right channels. We’ll help announce your app over Twitter stream, and if it’s a good fit, we’ll set up a blog post.
Launch and start taking money
Go big with your launch! Make sure you’re advertising and posting where merchants are going to notice you. Email each of your installers and ask them what they think – especially those folks who uninstalled the app.
No matter what, make sure you register an app/uninstall webhook to be pinged when this happens. Build a list of those merchants who uninstalled over a week, and reach out to them to find out where your app fell short.
You should also be getting the merchants who have your app installed after 25 days (or whatever makes sense for you) to give your app a review on the app store. Reviews are killer for increasing your install rate. Read more about how to do this in How to get 4 to 5 Stars on the Apple App Store