1. you tell your Customers Product Is The Perfect Gift

Spread the word that your product makes a great gift! Don’t assume that everyone will make the connection – you have to tell them. This is what we have front and center on our homepage:

There is no room for subtlety here. many Visitors to our homepage may not be personally interested our product,therefore we remind them that they have a whole bunch of shopping to do. They might not want a beer bottle opening iPhone case for themselves, but someone they know may want one.

2. Market To The Gift BUYER, Not The Receiver is personaly used
Keep in mind that the majority of products purchased during the holiday season will be gifts, so a change in marketing strategies may be necessary. For example, we know that our demographic is beer loving, iPhone using men between 20-35 years old. Throughout the year, that’s who we market to. But around the holidays, we don’t market to them…. we market to the people who are going to buy our demographic gifts.

The girl on the left is how we market Opena year-round.
The girl on the right is how we market Opena around the holiday season. We changed the target demographic to the gift BUYER – usually, women between 20 and 50 years old who are in a relationship.

You’ll notice that we ditched the girl in a bikini and opted for a girl dressed in a Christmas outfit holding our product, and a Coke.

It’s vitally important to focus your marketing efforts on who’s buying the gift, and that’s not always the same year-round.

3. Get Featured In Gift Guides
Last Christmas our iPhone case was featured in a number of both online and print gift buying guides. These press ops converted really well because they’re timed perfect with the holiday season, and most people who read them are looking for gift ideas.

Everybody has that person that’s impossible to buy for and these lists are a good way to get your products, price, and purchase information in front of that potential customer from a source that they trust. You’ll see Opena Case in the bottom right hand corner of Campus Talk:

4. Clearly Define Your Shipping Policies
Make sure that you can deliver on time! As the majority of the stock sold during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the days leading up to Christmas are gifts, it’s more important than ever to be able to get your products to the customer as fast as possible. We state our shipping practices and policies clearly on our site.

Here’s what we have on our Opena product pages:

You’ll notice we mention that goods ship out of Hong Kong, United Kingdom, USA, and Australia. Since we ship from multiple counties, we’re able to quickly deliver anywhere in the world. Make sure your customers know what you offer, and how long they should expect shipping to take.