A Basic Skeleton to Get Started in shopify app

The best thing about designing for Shopify is that you get to use all of the skills that you already have: HTML, CSS, JS, etc. The only roadblock in the process is becoming familiar with which Liquid variables are available in each template.

What is Vision shopify app?

Vision is a stand-alone application that allows you to create themes for Shopify stores on your local machine without having to sign up for a shop or setup a database or all that other geeky stuff

What do I need to run Vision in shopify app?

Vision comes complete with everything needed to run straight out of the box. If you’ve got a text editor and a web browser installed, you are ready to roll.

As if that wasn’t enough, Vision comes pre-loaded with Shopify’s ready-made themes. Shopify has allowed people to use these themes as building blocks, so you can start with one of these existing themes as a base and expand upon on it!