Associating Product Variants with Product Images in shopify app

In Shopify app you can associate your product variants with product images using jQuery and Shopify’s app in new feature for adding unique alt tags for product images. For demonstration purposes I’m going to be modifying one of Shopify’s free themes, Radiance, but this technique will work with any theme. You can check out demos of this in action here (single option) and here (multiple options).

The screenshot below shows what the Radiance’s theme looks like initially. The first thing we’re going to do is set up the product’s variants and alt tags. After that, we hide the #thumbs

    . Finally, we’re going to add some Javascript to make it so that the options dropdown in the top-right corner changes the image inside the #active-wrapper div with the appropriate product image. For example, if you select “Black” for colour, #active-wrapper will show the product image with the black shirt or any other product.