Hide the thumbnails in shopify and in many more area

The next step is to hide the thumbnails with CSS in shopify apps. This step is optional, but to me it makes sense to hide them because the variant-selecting dropdown should be the only thing that controls what’s shown as the main image.

To do this in the Radiance theme, I simply added the existing “hidden” class to the

    that contains all of the thumbnails, as shown below. It’s important to still output the images (although they won’t be visible) because 1) we can pre-load the images and 2) we need to grab the ‘src’ attribute of the images when we swap the main image inside #active-wrapper.

    I’m also going to change the product_img_url value inside the <img&rt; tag from ‘thumb’ to original, so that we load the biggest possible product image inside #active-wrapper. In reality you can strip out a lot more of the code below, but for the purpose of this tutorial I’m just going to keep it as is.